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Work With Me, Reclaim Your Life From Stress, Anxiety And Burnout

You don’t have to battle burnout on your own.

You’ve always been ambitious and a high flyer, but you’re now questioning what it’s all about.

That shiny role or business that you’ve worked so hard to get is now draining you.

There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and your self-care is taking a hit.

You’re working hard to please others while feeling intense guilt about all the moments you are missing at home.

Even the simple things are beginning to feel more of an effort.

Your energy levels are dropping.

You’re losing your sparkle.

You’re burning out.

But, who can you call on for help?

You’ve worked so hard to get to this stage in your career or business, and you don’t want anyone to see how much you’re struggling internally. You’re not sure who you can trust to talk things through, and you don’t want to bring your struggles home with you; your work has taken over enough as it is.

It doesn’t have to be this way

You don’t have to accept burnout and stress as the price of success.

By finding the root causes for how you are feeling we can get you back in control and reclaim your zest for your work and life in general.

And, you don’t have to figure it all out alone.

How I will support you

During our time working together, I will support you every step of the way to creating your plan to defeat burnout for good.

My coaching and mentorship style is supportive while creating the space and accountability for you to take control of your recovery and rebuild your life.

I tried and tested methods that I first researched, then used during my recovery, later trained in and now use with my clients with outstanding results.

The burnout coaching and mentoring journey

Everyone’s journey with burnout and recovery is unique, as is the recovery timeframe. There is no magic bullet or overnight fix and recovery occurs alongside life events. That’s why I am passionate about being by the side of my clients for at least 8 weeks, supporting them to get the insights they need and establish healthy habits for life.

My clients typically go through the following stages during our time working together:

  1. An immediate sense of calm that you are working with someone who has been through burnout personally, come out the other side and speaks your language
  2. A release of tension and stress as we get clear on what the root causes of how you’ve been feeling are
  3. Insights as we explore the habits, limiting beliefs and environmental factors that contributed to how you’ve been feeling
  4. Rising levels of confidence as you feel supported in your next steps
  5. Increasing energy levels as we uncover what is draining your energy, what energises you and you implement changes
  6. Increased productivity as you instigate healthy boundaries in your work and home life
  7. A sense of growing excitement as you take stock of life, gain clarity on what you want to achieve and the next steps
  8. Regular celebrations of progress and how far you’ve come.

Does this sound like you?

My burnout coaching and mentorship is for you if:

  • You’re committed to overcoming burnout
  • You want an expert in your corner, guiding you, who knows what it is like to experience burnout
  • You want interactions outside of the medical and pure-therapy environments
  • You’re committed to showing up for your calls
  • You’re willing to invest financially in yourself.

I am not a medical professional, and my 1on1 support and programmes do not contain medical advice. If you are experiencing serious mental illness as a result of burnout, such as depression or intense anxiety, or a physical ailment, then you should first connect with a medical professional.

My 1:1 coaching packages are expert high-touch point and in-depth support, with an investment level that reflects this. I work with only a handful of clients in this capacity at any one time.

If you are looking for lower touchpoint, and lower investment support, contact me at emma@defeatburnout.com for details of our self-study packages, masterclasses and voice note and text-only coaching and mentorship.

I accept company funding for employees to receive the benefits and support in my packages.

My High Touch, High Support 1:1 Packages

Work With Me For 8 Weeks

Over 8 weeks, you will receive:

  •  8 1on1 video calls of 60 mins (or audio-only if you prefer)
  • Unlimited support between sessions on weekdays via text and voice note – no need to wait until your next session to ask a question, share what’s on your mind or celebrate all the progress!
  • The option to include a two-hour hypnotherapy session, complete with a personalised audio recording to rewire unhelpful negative thought patterns and habits. When used, this session replaces one of the 8 calls
  • The Burnout Recovery Masterclass Series worth £333 – a self-study curriculum on how to collapse time on recovery and make it long-term sustainable. If you prefer, you can use your 1:1 time for me to personally take you through the content and for us to do the exercises together


  • GBP £2,222
  • USD $2,800

To apply for the 8-week package you can:

  • Email emma@defeatburnout.com – this is the best contact point for questions and to check my availability for new clients.
  • Book a connection call – an informal conversation to check our chemistry. Please only book one of these slots if you are serious about working with me as a private client and have done your research on my packages and pricing. Due to the limited number of clients I work with in this capacity at any one time, I may have a waitlist in place at your time of application.

A Transformative Six Months

When you invest in working with me for six months you’ll receive:

  • Weekly video calls (or audio-only if you prefer)
  • Unlimited support between sessions on weekdays via text and voice notes – no need to wait until your next session for support
  • The option to include up to two two-hour hypnotherapy sessions over six months, complete with a personalised audio recording to rewire unhelpful negative thought patterns and habits. When used, each session replaces a standard weekly call
  • An in-person (London or Kent UK) or virtual VIP half day
  • Access to my defeat burnout bank of burnout masterclasses and programmes, along with access to all the live programmes I run during our time working together (typically one per month).


  • GBP £5,555 or 6 x £999
  • USD $7,000 or 6 x $1,222

To apply for the 6-month package you can:

The Abundant One Year Experience

I have my biggest breakthroughs in life and business when I commit to journeys for a year plus. For this reason, each year I open up a very limited number of spots to work with me for 12 months in a really abundant package, that is entirely bespoke to your needs.

This is a serious investment only for individuals who are ready to make this commitment to themselves and who know without a doubt that I am the mentor they want to walk with for 12 months.

When you invest in working with me for 12 months you’ll receive:

  • A bespoke schedule of support – we’ll agree what the best mix of video, calls, pre-scheduled, impromptu and all the things is for you at each stage of our work together
  • Access to me between calls and scheduled sessions via text and voice message, including at weekends
  • Unlimited access to hypnotherapy sessions as required for removing blocks to what you want, and wiring in the thoughts and habits you have chosen
  • The option for quarterly in-person sessions in Kent or London, UK, or the virtual equivalent of these deeper dive sessions online
  • Access to my defeat burnout bank of burnout masterclasses and programmes along with access to all the live programmes I run during our time working together (typically one per month).


  • GBP £11,111 or 12 x £999
  • USD $14,000 or 12 x $1,222

To apply for the 12-month package you can:

About Emma

Emma Matthews Burnout Coach

I had a long, high-flying career in the Financial Services world, reaching senior positions in which I worked alongside the C-Suite of large multinational organisations.

I had it all; the title, the benefits package, the clothes, the shoes, the handbags, the holidays, the house, the car, the gym membership – you name it, but deep down inside, I was miserable and getting sick.

I didn’t realise the signs until it was too late. I experienced an extreme burnout and breakdown that left me struggling to get out of bed. I thought my life was over.

My recovery involved various medical professionals, therapy and medication and I lost six months of my life.

I found the recovery process incredibly lonely. While I was grateful for the medical process, I felt the complete absence of burnout-specific support. I would have loved to connect with someone who had been through something similar and could give me hope I would come out the other side.

It wasn’t until I discovered the personal development and coaching world, that I really began to rediscover the unstoppable version of myself that had climbed the career ladder. I’ve spent years researching the power of the mind, limiting beliefs, boundaries, confidence and success – and applying what I’ve learned in my own life. I’ve invested over six figures in my personal development and recovery, creating a life that at one time seemed impossible.

I came out the other side of burnout with a new sense of purpose and a mission to help others, which led me to part ways with the corporate world, retrain, and set up my own business.

To date, I’ve trained in therapeutic coaching, pure coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP. I am partway through a masters-level qualification in Psychotherapy.

My mission is to help as many people as possible to defeat burnout and create their best lives.

Qualifications and professional training

I have spent over six figures and counting on my professional training. I am always learning.

My qualifications include:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Quantum Life and Success Coach (ICF-accredited ACTP qualification)
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Certified Quantum Group Coaching Facilitator
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • Certified T.I.M.E Technique Practitioner

I am partway through a masters-level qualification in Psychotherapy with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, on the pathway to BACP and UKCP registration. This is a 4+ years pathway to qualification as an Integrative Psychotherapist and a Hypno-Psychotherapist.

I spent six months working with a well-known personal development brand supporting the development of a Rapid Transformation Coaching qualification and providing Rapid Transformation Coaching and Therapy sessions.

I firmly believe in the power and return on investment of coaching, therapy and mentorship. I am a client of both personal coaching and business coaching.  My Psychotherapy pathway requires a minimum of 48 hours of personal therapy; in addition to the personal therapy, I invested time in when I was in the early stages of burnout recovery.

I am committed to raising professional standards in the coaching industry and am honoured to be a mentor coach for the Quantum Coaching Academy.

Professional Certified Coach Credential


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If you are interested in burnout coaching with Emma or are a business who would like to explore Emma's burnout consultancy services reach out at emma@defeatburnout.com.