Are you setting yourself and your team up to fail?

Do you equate success with the number of things you are ticking off your to-do list every day?

You’re not alone.

I’ve seen a worrying trend in the individuals and businesses that reach out to me for coaching and consultancy.

They have normalised a working culture of obsession with impossible to-do lists. They work around the clock to make a dent in the list yet often end the day with more on it than they started with.

“Busy” is the answer to every “How are you?”

It’s accepted.

With so many high-achieving professionals equating a huge part of their identity with work, this inability to get on top of their workload chips away at their confidence and self-worth progressively over time.

The cycle of exhaustion sets in, and it takes longer to do the same amount of work. The overworked individuals feel less accomplished, more cynical and start detaching from work and sometimes home. Burnout sets in.

There’s no gap in the day to stop, think, prioritise, notice there’s an issue, communicate the problem and get support before they hit the wall.

Burnout is a crisis. We must stop the cycle.

It starts with awareness, challenging the way businesses work and individual conversations.

You have no time to lose.

You can recover from burnout

If this article has resonated with you, and you recognise some of the signs of burnout in your life, you can connect with me in the following ways:

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